How To Choose The Right Roofing Material For Your House

When doing house roofing the most critical thing is choosing the right material. There are different roofing materials available, so you have a wide range of selection to make. However, it is worth to note that not all the roofing materials you get in the market can provide you with excellent results you expect. Therefore, it is necessary you do the right selection by considering the following factors.

Pitch of the roof

Your roof slope determines the material that would suit it effectively. The way it slants dictates its capability to shed all water in an efficient manner. With more pitch, it also means more effective drainage since gravity can prevent your roof from experiencing problems caused by snow or rain. If your roof has less pitch, it means that you will need to have a more specialised material to minimise risks of leakage when water stands on it.


The amount you are ready to spend on your roof is a great determinant on the material. Costs differ a lot meaning that there are some cheap options and other expensive ones. You need to research the price of each roofing material and compare to the size of your roof to understand the amount each of the material will cost you. As you consider the price range, factor in the maintenance needs of each of the roofing material. This helps you get an idea on the overall cost of your selected roofing material. There are some materials that are less costly initially, but costly in the long end to due to high price of maintenance and repairs. Therefore, you need to do your calculations well to make an informed choice.

Material Weight

There are roofing materials that are heavier than others. You should talk with your home builder to advice on the right roofing weight that your building can hold effectively. The heavier the material, the more costly it will be to do the installation. In case you have a preferred roof, but your building cannot hold it because of the weight, it is necessary enhance your building load bearing capacity. This helps it be able to support the weight of your preferred roof.

Your building architectural design or style

Using a good roofing material (check here – the overall appeal of your building. As you do the roofing, you should not forget to consider the style of your building. It is critical you get a roof that matches the design of your building. This is what will make your property more attractive and unique from the others in your neighbourhood.

Durability of the material

It is common sense you must go for a roofing material that will last for the longest time. You should have a roof that offers you value for all the resources spent on your building. In most cases, the initial cost of the material is what determines its durability. However, note that regardless of the material you choose its durability will be highly determined by right maintenance work.